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About Us

Our Solution

We help businesses improve through 4 steps: conducting a needs assessment, developing training content, designing business tools, and offering coaching services. Our goal is to create a streamlined process that enables businesses to focus on continuous improvement. We help businesses identify impactful changes they can make in their business and create a plan of action to address performance issues. We also help companies understand their strengths, so they can continue to hone skills that are having a positive impact on the company. 

Experts Working to Improve the Workplace

Our mission is to help small businesses excel at what they do. We want to help businesses strengthen their internal operations. We been helping business do this since 2010. 


Healthcare| Manufacturing| Finance & Insurance| Construction Professional Service


LaTonya Albury

LaTonya has spent several years learning about businesses, in particular about their performance. Statistics have shown many new businesses fail within the first couple of years. With thoughts of opening her own company, she wanted to know why was failure happening so quickly. She discovered some key information. Many companies come in with one focus and that is how to attract customers. Before the business, they planned, but as they grew in their business lack of preparedness was an issue due to lack of knowledge, not enough staff, time or budget.

LaTonya realized businesses needed to have support to help them close these gaps and a system in place that would create a solid foundation for growth and success. With her skills in business management, years of experience teaching, training and developing content, and advising small businesses. She knew she could provide support to companies and fill the gap in helping businesses continuously focus on improving their performance which helps them meet their customers needs, and allow business growth to happen organically.

 Founder & CEO

Our Team of Experts

T&A Training Consultants team are authentic. We work with a purpose and dedicated to the mission of helping businesses achieve optimal performance. Our team consists of:

  • Business Analyst
  • Instructional Designers
  • Business Coaches
  • Writing /Technical Specialists