Business Tools

We create tools that improve businesses' processes. Our tools help your team work with efficiency, independently, and increase productivity.  We can't list them all but, here are the most popular options.

Having the Right Tools Makes a Difference



Job Aids

We design step-by-step directions on how to complete tasks, helping to enforce employees’ knowledge in performing specific task. This enables them to work independently.  


It operates the same as a job aid, but the guide provides more details to help employees perform tasks. This is a great tool for more complex tasks that need to be explained in more detail with examples for a point of reference.

Tasks Analysis

We create an analysis of tasks that breakdown what needs to be performed when doing a task. This will help management and their team understand the requirements for the tasks such as skill, safety, compliance, as well as minimizing risks.

Flow Charts

We create diagrams that help employers, and their teams understand how to resolve issues. The flow charts are ideal for troubleshooting technical issues but can be used to resolve almost any issue. This is a great tool to help companies save time and prevents costly mistakes.